• Remediation of Impacted Oilfield Fine Sands

    Remediation of Impacted Oilfield Fine Sands

    Learn about how our semi-mobile systems are capable of decontaminating fine sands at up to 90 MT per hour.

  • In-house Chemical and Machinery Manufacturing

    In-house Chemical and Machinery Manufacturing

    Our systems are developed as a comprehensive whole. Equipment and Process chemicals are developed and produced in-house.

Soil Washing

Innovative system for the Decontamination and Recovery of impacted soils, with recovery of 95+% of the incoming feed material.

Sediment Washing

Sediment Treatment Systems for the management of sediments contaminated with hydrocarbons, heavy metals, and organic contaminants.

Oil & Gas Solutions

Semi-mobile and Mobile Treatment Units for the management of liquids, sludges and solid wastes produced in the Oil & Gas industry.


Learn today how we can economically manage and recovery a wide variety of difficult material streams.

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Current: Soil Remediation - Middle East
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New York/New Jersey Demonstration
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Venice Pilot Demonstration
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We specialize in treating the "untreatable"

Our innovative process and technology allows for the recovery of material streams that would normally be considered unmanageable.

With rapid bench testing and system development, we can proceed from concept to full-scale implementation within an extremely short timeframe.

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