BioGenesis Sediment Washing Technology

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The BioGenesis Sediment Washing Technology is a low temperature decontamination process, which uses impact forces and a proprietary blend of chemicals to remove organic and inorganic contamination from soil and sediment particles. The technology, which was patented by BioGenesis in December 2001, is designed to decontaminate both coarse-grained (sand-sized) and fine-grained (silt- and clay-sized) particles, by isolating individual particles and removing contaminants and naturally occurring organic material adsorbed to the particles. The result of the BioGenesis process is decontaminated sediment that can be used as a fill material or as a raw material in the production of topsoil or other beneficial construction grade products.


Soil and Sediment Washing

BioGenesis Enterprises, Inc., is the worldwide leader in Sediment and Soil Decontamination. With the final publishing of report on our Full-Scale Demonstration Project in Keasbey, New Jersey, in conjunction with MWH Americas, Inc., EPA Region 2, the New Jersey Department of Transportation, and the Office of Maritime Resources, BioGenesis Enterprises, Inc., has been recognized as the only commercially available technology capable of safely decontaminating sediment. >>

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KleanEnvi, Inc.>>

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Final Report on the full scale BG Sediment Decontamination Project in New York/New Jersey Harbor Now Available! >>